Minnesota Daily

In 2009, I served as the Science and Technology Reporter for the Minnesota Daily ( The Daily is the University of Minnesota’s student-run daily newspaper. It is an award-winning publication and was recipient of the Best All-Around Daily Student Newspaper award from the Society of Professional Journalists in 2009.

Project analyzes foreign aid use : December 09, 2009 [link] [pdf]
‘Itasca’ to boost U computer power : December 08, 2009 [link] [pdf]
Cord blood research offers hope : November 30, 2009 [link] [pdf]
Students’ balloons sent near space : November 29, 2009 [link] [pdf]
Task force seeks to bring broadband to rural Minnesota : November 17, 2009 [link] [pdf]
Modern Warfare 2 brings high sales and controversy : November 12, 2009 [link] [pdf]
Google’s popular e-mail client available for use : November 11, 2009 [link] [pdf]
Net neutrality under public debate : November 05, 2009 [link] [pdf]

The Wake

I worked as the Sound & Vision (A&E) section editor of the University of Minnesota’s student magazine the Wake ( The Wake is an open forum for student voices. Fundamental to my position was encouraging new writers to produce content while maintaining the integrity and style of the magazine. Aside from my editorial responsibilities I was a frequent contributor and volunteer.

The Jazzman presents : October 28, 2009 [link] [pdf]
Out of work, out of time : October 02, 2009 [link] [pdf]
The Jazzman presents : October 02, 2009 [link] [pdf]
Once upon a time in Mexico : November 28, 2008 [link] [pdf]
Jazzing up Minneapolis music : November 14, 2008 [link] [pdf]
How to ride a bicycle : October 03, 2008 [link] [pdf]
Bitter tea: war at the RNC (contributing writer) : October 03, 2008 [link] [pdf]
War at the Republican National Convention narrative : October 03, 2008 [pdf]
Money can’t buy you laughs : May 08, 2008 [link] [pdf]
B.T. and the chocolate factory : April 16, 2008 [link] [pdf]
Spending spring break broke : April 02, 2008 [link] [pdf]
Lies and spies : November 07, 2007 [link] [pdf]
Waiting is the hardest part : October 24, 2007 [link] [pdf]
Technology review: iPod touch : October 10, 2007 [link] [pdf]
Album review: the Go! Team — Proof of Youth : October 10, 2007 [link] [pdf]
The Bad Plus does the body good : October 10, 2007 [link] [pdf]

not meant to be an exhaustive list of publications

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